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Are you going to be one of the first cool music lovers to get this music addict of the year shirt? The Grammys happened. Cannes happened. The Oscars happened. The Sports awards for the most valuable player happened. In music, the most valuable person is the music addict. Ask any musician, they will tell you so. God bless the music addict!

Now is your turn. This is more than a cool music t-shirt. This is your reward as a music lover. You are the music addict of the year! They can't say that. YOU can.

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You will enjoy it. Not to mention the attention you will get. You are among the coolest people in the world because music is for awesome people ;).

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Note to music lovers that like to wear music t-shirts:
Enjoymusic Enjoylife is what happens when music lovers make original music t-shirts for music lovers to wear to for fun.
Our music t-shirts are authentic and original. If you can't find the music tee shirt that you are looking for, please e-mail us and we will try
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