I just read this amazing piece on the importance  of music by Katie Jones.  Katie  does a wonderful job of putting into words how music touches people. I love it. She has done it in ways I wish I could. Thank you Katie.


From the time I was a baby, I heard a kind of freeform music in nature and the civilization around me and thought everyone else did, too. (More about that later.) This was sensed not as a symphony or melody in the traditional sense, but rather like a vast collection of building blocks emblazoned with colorful notes here, harmonies there, and rhythm everywhere. The first time I heard Gregorian chant as a small child, I thought, “That’s what the velvety starry night sounds like!” Fascination with the concept that human music gives structure to the natural sounds and rhythms of the universe, Earth and our own bodies launched a lifelong love of music in many forms. I cannot separate music from my being; it flows within as naturally as my heart beats and blood flows. Sure, it compels my body to dance, but I also perceive it as a deeply a spiritual force emerging from within in an ever-renewing quest to find meaningful connection with other beings, the Earth, the universe and its creative spark. I believe that music naturally flows in each of us in the same way, but know it can get lost in the discordant noise of the modern world that constantly competes for our attention. Odd perhaps in retrospect, I didn’t become a musician, but not through lack of desire. I burned to make music. But, my Catholic school did not have a music program and there was no money for lessons. By the time I entered public school in fourth grade, the other kids were so far ahead, even in playing the simple Tonette flutes, that I was embarrassed in not reading music and being able to play in the group. I was too shy to insist I had a voice uniquely my own. I felt like I couldn’t speak the native language and was crushed.

Then I discovered records and especially rock’n’roll as a way to express and share my inner being with others. In the 50’s and early 60s, that discovery was happening to a lot of us. Records opened whole new worlds, and I was hooked. The first two records my parents bought me were Doris Day’s “Que Sera Sera” and Perry Como’s “Catch A Falling Star.” From those mysterious grooves spinning on our little 45 record changer (Terri, just like your Bozo phonograph but brown plastic, no Bozo!), pure magic flowed out, my mother singing to me with the records. I wasn’t yet allowed the “corrupting influence” of rock’n’roll records, but I secretly found “American Bandstand” on TV! WOW—What a delightful shock THAT was!!! Discovery of the century, I was sure, but then my dear public school music teacher (class twice per week) and my dear parents (mostly fans of the classics) informed me that “Rock’n’roll isn’t really music!” Well, I was baffled, as even then I instinctively understood all music not as isolated styles but a continuum that wove a complex tapestry through all cultures.

It was a difficult self-guided journey back then, as access to musical diversity was still highly segregated by style and culture, frustratingly buttressed by institutional oppression. Our schools, libraries and broadcast media let us hear what they wanted us to hear. It was still a world dominated by conservative white middle-class men striving to maintain a rigid status-quo. Radio stations (AM, mono only!) served primarily niche music markets. It was classical OR pop OR blues OR country OR jazz OR R&B… Even Gospel music was then, literally, black OR white. If we were outside the range of regional radio signals, we never heard – or even heard of – such domestic delights as Zydeco and Cajun, let alone what we later regarded as “World Music.” There was then even less variety on television, where even Nat King Cole was branded “too controversial,” his show falling to lack of paying sponsorship. (If this segregation sounds far-fetched today, I encourage a look at what happened when 50’s folk group The Weavers took a socially conscious music into the mainstream, leading ultra-conservative McCarthyism to brand them as “Commies,” resulting in blacklisting that tried to strangle their musical and performance options. Thankfully The Weavers and their messages prevailed, opening many doors.)

For my generation, what spurred a radical shift in the perception of music, and accessibility to it, was without doubt The Beatles. They opened many doors that allowed passage through stubborn barriers between generations, races, nations, cultures and even languages, smashing the wall between “serious” and “popular” music. I think they mattered (and continue to matter to young new fans) because they incorporated so many styles into an accessible whole that spurred many of us to be intensely interested in the history and diversity of music and cultures very different from our own. They inspired millions of kids around the world to pick up simple instruments and communicate our humanity across the globe. Even the shyest among us blossomed as we shared the new music and contemplated the world around us, with a global consciousness. (Historical Reality Check: The Beatles were considered so subversive behind the 1960s Iron Curtain that their records were banned and functionally illegal in the Soviet Union. The ban didn’t work. At McCartney’s 2003 concert in Red Square, in the shadow of The Kremlin, thousands of Russians danced and sang his songs back to him in English, with tears in their eyes, as many across the globe do the same.) Previously conservative music teachers and many parents began thinking of music in more universal terms, and teaching it as the continuum that it is. Among myriad other changes, The Beatles also shifted the focus of popular music from isolated singles to homogeneous albums, which blossomed with the advent of FM stations that started mixing vastly different styles of music into their freeform playlists that broke previous broadcasting time restraints…stereo radio for the first time no less! We actually started to hear that celestial symphony.

Music gives expression to humanity’s most profound perceptions, emotions, longings and dreams, often with transformative power. The soundtrack of our individual lives imprints itself so powerfully that it almost seems like a time machine where memory of a tune may conjure the atmosphere and emotion of long-distant experiences in laser-sharp clarity, with holographic depth. It would be few among us who cannot name the song(s) to which we have fallen in love. I confess a few of those, but The Beatles’ “In My Life” expressed the longing and wistfulness of my first love, and to this day upon hearing it, I am instantly swept back to 1965, to the sights, sounds, smells and internal fire that song represents. (Funny…Conversely the only “breakup” song I can recall is “Total Eclipse Of The Heart.” My Bright Eyes never turned around again, but my heart did.)

In the course of human history, does my personal musical journey matter? Not profoundly. But collectively, music matters because it connects us unlike any other art form, across superficial boundaries of nations, languages, races, classes, religions and even time itself. Music matters, I believe, because it is the human organism’s response not only to one another, but the eternal vibrations and rhythms of the Earth, cosmos, and if you so believe, to the creative spark behind it all. It is an ancient dialog central to our each of our beings, a primordial urge to find form and harmony. It proclaims that we are alive, expressing who we are and even when and where we are in the universe. Even if we as individuals have no direct musical impact, even if we just sing in the shower, our passage is nonetheless felt through the collective musical tapestry…our universal symphony.

My own journey certainly has affected my concept of music education, especially in schools, from pre-school forwards. I didn’t have many childhood musical options. I believe that we need to honor and support music and art in our homes and educational system as essential building blocks of our global civilization. When school cuts are made, music and art programs often suffer. Obviously we must maintain a basic socially functional curriculum. But sometimes I wonder where our priorities are in selecting “optional” programs. I have heard many rationalizations about why sports programs trump music and art programs in impact and need for funding. I enjoy sports, but overall it seems a lesson in oppositional humanity with cooperation between individuals merely a stepping stone to the goal of winning, of being better than everyone else. Music and art are essential, equalizing components of civilization that CONNECT us all, erasing our differences and celebrating our diversity, even across time. The ancient urge for self-expression is central to our unique sense of being in the universe. Does it matter? You bet.

— Katie Jones, Aurora, IL (BackbeatChicago ( AT ) gmail.com)

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Listen To Ronnie Enjoymusic Enjoylife While Playing Acoustic Guitar in Botswana

Listen To Ronnie Enjoymusic Enjoylife While Playing Acoustic Guitar in Botswana. Isn’t there is something pure and magical about Ronnie and his music? What do you feel?

Two comment samples from Youtube:
“God puts some of his angels on earth with some gifts lest we forget that life is beautiful, and no matter what situation you’re in, see an angel with all this mastery inevitably makes your week be happier. God bless you man of Botswana. Thanks for putting a smile on my face”

“That was awsome, I wish I could play like that”

Now Listen to Andy Mckee

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Tonight The Streets Are Ours – Richard Hawley – Lyrics – Video

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Do you know why you got feelings in your heart
Don’t let fear of me then fool you, what you see sets you apart
It’s nothing here to bind you, it’s no way for life to start
Do you know that tonight the streets are ours
Tonight the street are ours
These lights in our eyes tell no lies

Those people they got nothing in their souls
And they make our tvs blind us from our visions and our goals
Oh the trigger of time it tricks you so you have no way to grow
Do you know that tonight the streets are ours
Tonight the street are ours
These lights in our eyes tell no lies

And no one else can haunt me the way that you can haunt me
I need to know you want me, I couldn’t be without you
and the light that shines around you
No nothing ever matter more than my darling
But tonight the street are ours

Do you know how to kill loneliness at last
Oh there’s some much there to heel thee???
and make tears things of the past
But tonight the street are ours
Tonight the street are ours
These lights in our street are ours
Tonight the street are ours
These lights in our heart they tell no lies

Thanks NightCulture, Thanks Insomniac Sessions, More SXSW Dance Music Shows in Austin Texas

Just received an email from our music friends at NightCulture.com about more SXSW Dance Music Shows. Yeah!
Thanks Lindsey, Surain, and Mike The NightCulture.com Team

Wednesday – March 16

Allen Tagle
Jason Jenkins


Ana Sia


Insomniac Sessions Latenight

3:00 AM-6:00 AM
@ Republic Live

Thursday – March 17


Dirtyphonics (Live)
Reid Speed
Mad Classy


Charles Feelgood
Christian B


MOBY’S VEGAN BBQ(Noon – 7:00pm) w/

12.00-1.00 Franki Chan
1.00-2.00 Chateau Marmont
2.00-3.00 RAC djs
3.00-4.00 Egyptrixx
4.00-5.00 Database
5.00-6.00 Skrillex
6.00-7.00 Moby

STAGE 2 (Bands)
12.00-1.00 James Yuill
1.00-2.00 Home Video
2.00-3.00 Class Actress
3.00-3.45 Jeffrey Jerusalem
3.45-4.15 Teen Daze
4.15-5.00 The Glass
5.00-6.00 French Horn Rebellion

Insomniac Sessions Latenight

3:00 AM-6:00 AM
@ Republic Live


Friday – March 18

Christoph Andersson
Toddy B


Nosaj Thing
Jamie xx (late night)


Insomniac Sessions Latenight
Insomniac, AM Only & Dipdive presents……
The Blackberry Recharge Zone


Featuring sets by:

AC Slater & Kill The Noise
Auto Body

3:00 AM-6:00 AM
@ Republic Live


Saturday – March 19



Destroyed featuring

Moby dj set (late night)
Junkie XL
Le Castle Vania (late night)
Zeds Dead
RAC djs
Ocelot (early set)
PUNCHES (early set)

Early Show @ 6pm featuring
Gun Selectah
Chico Mann
Peligrosa djs


Insomniac Sessions Latenight

3:00 AM-6:00 AM
@ Republic Live

AND Zed’s Dead, newly added to the Republic Live lineup!


Sunday – March 20

Steve Aoki
Felix Cartal
Mustard Pimp
Rob Roy



Ages: 18+
Doors: 9pm

Regular, VIP, and Insomniac Sessions wristbands @

More shows and afterhours TBA soon.

Your Insomniac wristband will get you into all the venues….very limited price >>>>>$60

Insomniac Sessions wristbands will be available to pick up at the
Spectacle Sunglasses location at 2110 S. Lamar Blvd. F, Austin, TX 78704
on Wednesday March 16 & Thursday March 17th between 11am & 7pm. If you
are unable to pick up your wristband at Spectacle Sunglasses on those
days, during those hours, it can be picked up at Republic Live starting
March 16 between 9pm & 2am.

Tickets ava at

Republic Live
301 W 5th st Ste 100

605 Brazos Street

Cheer Up Charlies
1104 East 6th Street

10 Electronic Dance Music Acts to Catch at SXSW by Taryn Haight


We are glad Taryn points outs some cool dance music shows to check out – in addition to the over 2000 indie bands performing.

By Taryn Haight

With Miami festivals WMC and Ultra hogging the electronic music scene this month, Austin isn’t exactly the first place you’d target for a deejayed dance party that can press on til sunrise. It’s a thick scene for the indie rock bands and raspy guitar-strumming folk singers, but nestled between them — in the time separating dinner from breakfast — the DJs, and those hungry to hear them, turn to the tables. Here, the talent known by blogs and Beatport charts, or the talent that has yet to be discovered, serves up everything from booty bass to hyped-up electro, even creating new genres in the musical breeding ground of SXSW.

Leading up to a festival known for showcasing some of the best of the unknowns, there’s a certain buzz already upping the anticipation for DJ sets throughout the week. I’ve had my eyes and ears seduced by a few unique-sounding electronic artists online, but what I’m really seeking are the scratch action heroes who can render my feet useless in the AM. The blogs may all boast the Ableton skills of some teenager cranking out mixes from his basement, but if he can’t close out a party at Barcelona with the staff scrubbing scuff marks off the floor, his hyped-up skills might just get stuck somewhere in the suburbs.

On a less sardonic note, there are those guys I’ve heard raves (no pun intended) about whose sets I’m banking on being wow-ed by. They’ve already caught my attention online, and with the right crowd in attendance and the right dance-inducing set on the lineup, they could easily launch from a B-side cameo or a heavy buzz to a full-blown electronic epidemic.


Maybe I was just snoozing on this guy for a while, or maybe he likes to surf beneath the radar, or maybe it just took an Austin music festival to bring us together from opposite coasts. I first heard of Baths through working with YAK Films, who have featured a couple of his songs in their videos. I’ve seen the name elsewhere — on music festival lineups or opening for the Cold War Kids at Radio City Music Hall — other places than between the words “Bed” and “Beyond.” The music is mesmerizing, tangible and sometimes uneasy, but every track has the ability to make me feel something.

03/16 – Anticon SXSW Showcase @ The Mohawk
03/16 – Impose Mag SXSW Showcase @ Longbranch Inn
03/16 – Austin Pets Alive! Benefit SXSW Showcase @ Epoch Coffee
03/17 – Prefix Day Party @ ND@501 Studios


Blas Yaselli – The Music Ninja – Cool Music Blogger – Presented By Enjoymusic Enjoylife Clothing



Name: Blas Yaselli
City: Orlando, FL
Age: 23
Today’s Date: 2/10/11

Link To Website/Blog/Facebook/Twitter:


What motivated you to start your awesome blog?
After having followed a couple blogs on my own, I wanted to share all my findings with my friends and people I know. I also saw a gap in music blogs where there wasnt many sites combining genres. Many blogs were genre focused (they would only talk about electronic music, or just hip/hop music) and I wanted to be a music blog that included all genres.

In your perfect dream, what song/band/musician is playing?
The Lonely Island – I Just Had Sex (feat. Akon): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQlIhraqL7o (lol)

What is the first song you heard today?
Well I just posted this song this morning, so I would say Dirty Gold – California Sunrise :http://themusicninja.net/newsongs/California%20Sunrise.mp3

What is the first song you want to hear tomorrow?
I am a full time web developer/programmer so I like to listen to a lot of Ratatat to get me in the zone. I find their progressive instrumentation very helpful when I just need to clear my head and think. I am probably looking forward to Drugs from their latest album LP4

Favorite place to enjoy music where you live?
I really enjoy going to The Social in downtown Orlando, it is small and intimate and provides great acoustics.

When did you become a music lover?
I always enjoyed and played music as a child but I never really fell in love with it until recently. It was the summer of 2007 when I first got my first iPod and needed to fill it up with as much music as possible. At the time I would only listen to a couple of albums and nothing else. I cam across this music blog that listed all the mp3′s they had ever blogged about in the last 2-3 years and I spent the entire day downloading every single one. Every day I would go to work and listen to a new set a songs and the feeling of listening to new melodies became intoxicating. I became obsessed with experimental music and loved the way artists manipulated these minimalistic sounds to create something I had never heard before. After listening new songs every day for the next 6 months after that I just became a music junkie.

What song was your first love?
Dntel – Roll On

Which song do you think Jesus, Mohammed & Buddah would all like?
I definitely see Jesus and Buddah tearing it up on the dance floor with dubstep music. After a long days of listening prayers and performing miracles, they have to unwind somehow. So I am gonna say Example – Kickstarts (9 bar remix): http://themusicninja.net/newsongs/06%20Kickstarts%20(Bar%209%20remix).mp3

What do you love about being a music lover?
Meeting other music lovers. Having a blog and being social on twitter and facebook has allows me to meet and maintain some great friendships. There is something about music that transcends culture.

Why is music important to you?
Music is like my therapy. I need it when I am working hard during my day job, when I come home from a long day. Music keeps me going and gives even more excitement to my life.

What music videos are you currently enjoying?
Well I do not really watch many music videos, but one of my old time favorites is Major Lazer – Pon De Floor (NSFW) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2nmgcVbfKE

All time favorite songs to date?
That is too hard of a question to answer, I will try my best to list 5 songs that show my eclectic taste.
Bon Iver – Skinny Love
Dntel – Roll On
Eminem – No Love
B.B. King – Lucille
Fake Blood – Mars

All time favorite bands/musicians to date?
The Beatles
Frank Sinatra

Music that both you and your friends love?
A lot of my friends enjoy remixes and mash ups of hip/hop with electro.

If you could produce the ultimate music festival, which would it be?
First I wanted to say a music festival in space, but since there is no air for sound waves to travel, I will have to get back to you on this one.

Which musician/band would you want to perform with?
Miike Snow

Which two songs best reflect the future you want?
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home (to have a loving peaceful future)
Daft Punk’s “Derezzed” (because I’d love to ride one of the bikes in Tron)

How does music affect you?
Music enhances whatever mood I am in. If I am happy, electro music will give me energy, if I am sad, folk/acoustic music comforts me. If I am driving, hip/hop gives me street cred.

Last music event you attended?
I went to so Wolfgang Gartner at HOB Orlando.

Next music event you want to attend?
I’d love to go to SXSW

If someone told you that the music you like sucks, what would you tell them?

Which restaurant plays the best music?
I like Chipotle’s song selection.

Whose music could put you in a trance?

What’s the most joyful music you heard last week?
Hoodie Allen – “Dreams Up” http://bit.ly/dreams-up

You are the award-winning director of a super cool, super popular movie. Which bands/songs are on the soundtrack?
Bands: Noah and The Whale, Deadmau5, Sleigh Bells,  Fleet Foxes, Tokyo Police Club, Skream, Muse, Kings of Convenience, The xx, Cold War Kids.

You are the promoter of a live music event, which bands/musicians active or not do you want to perform?
I’d love to have every single band that I have blogged about. The list is too long to put here.

Who is your dad’s favorite band?
Mozart: My dad loves classical music.

What else do you want to say about music that I didn’t ask you yet?
Thats all i have.

The Coolest People We Know Enjoymusic Enjoylife